How do I get a SRV Record?

There are currently 2 ways for you to setup a SRV Record. Way 1 is directly through us, and way 2 is using a 3rd party DNS provider

1) Using Superior-Networks DNS

To have a SRV Record added to your domain with Superior-Networks you need to first ensure that your name servers are pointing to us and that you are using us for a DNS Host. If you are not then please see the knowledge base article for Name servers.

To get a SRV Record added you are required to open a support ticket with us including the following information:

Service: _minecraft
Protocol: tcp
Name: mc
Priority: 0
Weight: 0
Port: <Your Server Port>
Target: <Your Server IP>

Please obviously modify it appropriately to your needs, however that is the information we require.

2) Using a 3rd party provider

For this you would need to use a provider like Cloudflair and point the nameservers to there. Once you do that you would need to look for a FAQ or knowledge base on your providers system. Most will require the same information as listed above.

Please modify it appropriatly to your needs, however that is the information we require.
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