Insomnia 58 - Live (ish) Blog - Saturday
So its 4PM, and its been somewhat busy so far... as I write this I am sat in the press room recovering from a food coma... Pizza hut was amazing, as per usual.

After getting up at 6AM, Picking Dan up at around 7:10 and heading to a local Costa that I thought was open and apparently it is not... They opened at 8:00 not 7:00... Whoops... We made our way from Swindon up to Birmingham. The drive was generally uneventful and was fairly nice with the exceptions of the roadworks.

We arrived at the NEC at around 9:15 and parked up in the exhibitors parking (Massive thanks to the gentleman at the gate that allowed us as a press team to get into the Exhibitor parking, especially as our pass was for Exhibitors and not the normal parking area) and we made the short walk into the NEC to collect our tickets. We waited for the gentlemen to finish his phone call and issue us with our passes and to my shock horror we don't have a lanyard this time. We do have a wristband, but it is interesting trying to deal with the NEC security explaining that you are Press and finding out if you're allowed to get through or not.

We managed to meet up with Paul who had slept here overnight and had a quick look around before meeting up with Alex, where we managed to make our way into the Exhibition Hall about 10mins before the crowds ran in and took over the haul. From there we had a look around everything we could see on the walk towards the main stage ready for the opening ceremony. Once there the chaos of the box began...

After the opening ceremony we met up with Tom (NinjaCucumber) and we had a look around a bit more of the exhibition haul before meeting Paul again to get ourselves BYOC guest tickets, because for some weird reason Press are not allowed into the BYOC lounge... No idea why...

We have also recently returned from Pizza hut and as I write this blog I continue to recover from my massive food coma that is hitting me. We have another hour or two to look around and meet some more people (Including Mr Eike Sky himself who is our Pub Quiz King for the night) to get ourselves our passes into the Pub Quiz. I'll update this again later when we get back to the hotel, and have finished looking around everything we can for the day. Keep an eye on our twitter @SNetworks1 and @InspiringYT, along with the Inspire Instagram (letsinspireyt)

Update for the rest of the night:

So, we had a bit of a nosey around, met up with Rose and said hello, and then met up with Eike who had arranged the pub quiz tables. We got our wristbands and then decided to wrap things up for the day side of things. We checked into our hotel, that is about a 10-15 min drive away. As we booked at the same time we are fortunate enough to have rooms opposite each other, so working on some collaborative projects is going to be easier. We got showered, changed and found a local taxi company to take us back to the NEC, as Uber is not available here (Sad times everyone...).

After an exceptionally expensive taxi ride (£35 for a 10min trip was daylight robery)... We managed to get into the NEC and joined the mass of people outside the main stage entrance. While there we bumped into a T-Rex amongst other creative dress choices... Lets just say most were an acquired taste... After a MAJOR fluff up with the table arrangements and finding out that our table number (The one on our wristbands) was already taken by some others, we ended up having to wait around while the organizers found us another table that we could sit at. We went from 19 to 90... Not too great...

Once we finally got situated we got straight into the Fallout beer that Bethesda software had bought for everyone. A great way to get into things. After the guys ironed out some glitches (As it turns out the pub quiz system was never designed for that many tables and the limit was 250, meaning they had to modify the database that holds the results, we got into things. A lot of drinking, a lot of guesses, a lot of laughing and by the end a lot of rather bad singing and dancing... We wont go any further than that. After a final 3 Yeaga bombs (As that was all they had enough for, and they had no Vodka left...) we went outside and called our Uber. After missing our junction on the motorway to our hotel and having to take a bit of a longer trip, we finally got back where we both went to our rooms and had a good sleep..
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Posted on 27 Aug 2016 by Ryan W

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