Insomnia 57 Writeup
Editors Note: So sorry (again) this went up late, we were writing this on the last day, we thought we published it but apparently not... It was sat in drafts... Sorry all!!

So guys... Its a tad late, but eh... You should expect this from me by now!

This concludes our Insomnia 57 coverage, if you want to see the pictures we took take a look over on the Inspire Network Instagram page, we were having a lot of fun posting pictures there!

Day 1 was rather enjoyable, though the traveling did take its toll, enough over priced Starbucks later (And a hell of a treck all around the NEC trying to find a Costa that was never there... Rose...) we did get settled into the day. Day 1 was a lot of sitting around, a lot of catching up and a bit of nosing around, seeing what there was to see and things like that. We didn't really make the most out of this day just because we were so distracted in catching up and just being a bit nosey around the event. I did manage to live blog (ISH - Damn Mac Auto correction thing to make that wish unless it was all caps, sheesh) this day, but not as much as I really should / could have. After my last update we continued looking around and at about 6PM I think it must have been I made the trip back to my hotel. I checked in there, went up to my room and chucked my bags just about everywhere... Setup shop on the desk and decided that I'd go down to the beefeater restaurant / pub that was right next to the hotel for an evening meal. There I enjoyed a nice (but somewhat expensive) Mixed Grill and caught up on Social Media, made some plans for the Sunday and just relaxed a bit.

Upon leaving the restaurant I headed across the road into the Sainsburrys Local garage (Because Damn was I not paying stupid money for a pudding, when I'd just sneak one into the hotel from across the road), and stocked up on goodies to get me through the evening. I sat up then in bed, listening to something on the BBC I think it must have been while just browsing the web on my Mac, doing business stuff and making some notes as to what to write in this blog (because y'all know I have a rubbish memory by now)...

Day 2 was somewhat more interesting, we were very fortunate that we got to meet Syndicate in the press room (twice I dare say) while Razer were recording some interviews with him and also while the BBC were interviewing him. For the record, he is a super chill chap, great sense of humour and makes a lot of sacrifices to make sure that he see's as many fans as he can, to the point where the NEC staff had to drag him away because they forgot to stop people queuing for his signings, and people were getting restless, no more than 20mins after he left it, so really amazing dude and I can't imagine he got much time to himself the entire event (sorry my friend for keeping you for pictures :/). We also made the trek into Birmingham City Center (After I missed the turning the first time) to Pizza Hut, as this is now a Insomnia Tradition for us, back at the Richo there was one about 5mins away, this is about 20mins away in the car, and the parking was absolutely insanely overpriced (Mac wont auto correct the word I want to use, and my dyslexia is posing to be a problem at 2AM...)... Like really... You want me to park and come shopping how about not charge me a liver to get in the door??? We then went back to the event, Alex played on a cool looking flight sim, we all played on the NoxCrew's Gameshow thing (And were rudely kicked out after like 20mins... Some kid had been there over an hour and was being left to it, just as we all got into the game as well...) and that was more or less that. We all said our farewells as I had to leave somewhat early to get home at a reasonable hour (and without realising it avoid road closures on the way back... Lucky I was) and yeah... I realised that I recorded all my vlogs in a time-lapse setting from when I was recording parts of my trip on my phone days before (Whoops, Sorry) and the team have started planning for I58, so we will see you there!!!
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Posted on 05 Jul 2016 by Ryan W

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