A Refugee Offer for MCProHosting
Hello Everyone,

First off, my apologies about not having a more active blog, its been a busy few weeks for everyone here with a lot of planning and discussions going on behind the scenes, we will have some news about that in a later blog post, so keep your eyes wide open for that!

This blog post is about a slightly stranger event, and its regarding PayPal and MCProHosting. We have recently found out that MCProHosting will no longer be accepting PayPal, this will no doubt leave quite a number of customers trying to figure out what to do, either use a Credit / Debit card, Buy Pre-Paid Debit cards, or jump ship. Here at Superior Networks we pride ourselves on making sure that you as the end user have the easiest time while using our website, from your first visit through to the orders, through to invoicing and post sales support. As such we have been able to offer both PayPal and Stripe Payments. This means that in addition to just PayPal, we are able to securely process credit and debit cards from the major providers.

With all this in mind, we want to offer any current or recent (6 weeks) MCProHosting Clients with one of the following offers, depending on what would work best for you:

1) 75% off for 2 Months of any VPS hosting plans
2) 40% off for 5 Months of any VPS hosting plans
3) 25% off for 9 Months of any VPS hosting plans
4) 10% off any VPS hosting plans for life.

All you need to do to claim this offer is show our pre-sales support team a paid invoice from MCProHosting dated within the last 6 weeks, with the amount of RAM you wish to order and the amount of Disk space you need along with if you require more than one IP, and we will then review if your invoice is valid, if so an order will be created for you and your services created.

As a special offer for any MCProHosting customers that decide to make use of this deal, we will install Java, create your server and migrate ALL of your existing server files onto our servers completely free taking all the pain of the migration from you!

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our pre-sales support team who are ready to help where they can!
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Posted on 25 Mar 2015 by Ryan W

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