We are pleased to inform you all that the WHMCS update has been complete without any issues that we are aware of. The custom modifications we have made have been re-applied and everything appears to be working.

If you should have any issues please notify us ASAP and we will attempt to resolve it for you.
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Posted on 24 Jan 2015 by Ryan W
To ensure that all our services remain secure and up to date, we are required to take our WHCMS billing system offline for a short update.

In previous updates there have been unexpected and severe issues that have left us without a functional billing system for days in the past. While we hope it doesnt happen, we will be planning in case it does, and taking appropriate action.

We have intentionally planned to do this in the evening, while during what is normally peak traffic, so that it gives everyone a chance to contact our support desk, pay invoices and do any other account management before we take the system offline for the update.

The details are as follows:

Start: 24.01.2015 18:00 GMT
End: 24.01.2015 18:30 GMT
Total Duration: 30 Mins

Should there be any updates / issues with the update we will be notifying you via twitter (@SNetworks1 and @SNServerStatus)
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Posted on 24 Jan 2015 by Ryan W
With the recent SolusVM issues we have had a chance to re-organize and re-define the operating systems that we offer in our VPS packages. Not all of these are currently available through WHMCS but will be added soon. The second section are still being finalized and will be made accessible in the next few days for you to use through your sign up or as a reinstall of your VPS.

Currently Available:

- CentOS 6 32Bit
- CentOS 6 64Bit
- Fedora 19 32Bit
- Fedora 19 64Bit
- Fedora 20 32Bit
- Fedora 20 64Bit
- SUSE 13.1 32Bit
- SUSE 13.1 64Bit
- Ubuntu 14.04 32Bit
- Ubuntu 14.04 64Bit
- CentOS 6 Minimal 32Bit
- CentOS 6 Minimal 64Bit
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Posted on 23 Jan 2015 by Ryan W
We have been incredibly pleased so far at the rate that the project is developing. At the time of writing this we are about 70% towards completing the IcarusMod 0.5 release, and 20% towards the 1.0 Release.

Over this weekend we are going to be setting up the development environment that the server will be running on and start alpha testing. The alpha testing will be open to our development and management team only mostly due to the fact that it will be a rather unstable setup and still undergoing significant changes.

We hope to have the 0.5 release finalized and possibly even the 1.0 release nearly done by around February 8th. As of February 8th we will be opening the actual network to a beta testing stage. This will be open to our developers, managers and other staff, along with 50 visitors. Due to it being a beta test, we will have applications and requirements to be a beta tester, and beta testers will also receive a forum tag to inform the world they were a beta tester, and will have access to a smaller test network where the dev team will work on new releases.

We are currently looking at somewhere between the 22nd of February and 1st of March as our full launch date, however this will depend on all the features we want implemented properly.

We are also still looking for a experienced PHP developer that can work with us and come on as a senior developer for our freedom network project. If you are interested, please do take a look at our previous post here: https://www.superior-networks.com/blog.php?id=28

As soon as Alpha testing is up and running and we have an idea on how well the server is running on a scale of normal to crashingly buggy I will give you an update here and via twitter.
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Posted on 23 Jan 2015 by Ryan W
As many of you will know from a previous blog post outlining our 2015 projects and aims, one of the big things we wanted to be able to do is move away from SolusVM. This decision has been further re-enforced with some of the recent issues that we have been having with the SolusVM software setup.

We are pleased to announce that over the next 2 months or so, we will be extensively testing the new package called Virtkick. Our eventual hope will be to fully migrate over to this system for all our existing VPS clients.

Currently we are just waiting on some bugs to be ironed out with the installing setup so that we can deploy it across one of our nodes for testing and setup some virtual servers for testing. This testing will be open to everyone and we will have some test plans available to rent for the duration of these tests at a heavily discounted rate from our normal plans.

It is important to state that this is currently alpha software, it may be months before it is stable enough for us to role out on a production level, however we like the progress that we have been seeing and want to be able to bring our VPS hosting up to date using a modern interface with the latest features!

I would encourage anyone considering supporting us in these tests to take a look at the Virtkick website and the online alpha to see what you think. You can see their website here: https://www.virtkick.io

I hope that many of you will want to test out this new software package and find it functional and appealing to use long term here at Superior Networks. We will post when we have got the testing node up and running with further information on how we will be managing the plans and such.
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Posted on 18 Jan 2015 by Ryan W
After careful review of the usage of our critical issues phone line, we have decided to discontinue using the line. The phone line received far less calls than what we require to keep the line operating in the longer term, and a lot of the issues raised would have been just as easy to resolve via ticket or live support.

We will also be holding a review of our live support setup, while we have not been staffing it anywhere near as much as we expected, we are currently deciding if it is a worth while thing to continue using.
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Posted on 18 Jan 2015 by Ryan W
We are pleased to announce our partnershipagreement with the Zychon Network. We have recently been in talks with the Zychon team and have decided that they would be an excellent network to work with for the growth of themselves, their partners and us as a company.

For the most part there will be no significant changes to us as a company, this will be something that will help the team over at Zychon grow their network and allow their partners to deploy even cheaper services allowing them to keep their recordings interesting and play with friends, fellow producers, or even fans.

We are hoping to launch a partners / sponsorship page in the near future where you will be able to find even more information about Zychon and our other partnerships with Screenshottr and Node Software!
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Posted on 18 Jan 2015 by Ryan W
I am pleased to inform everyone that we have finally managed to start work on the freedom networks main hook in plugin. This plugin will work in conjunction with a modified version of TotalFreedomMod to provide our players with the best possible experience that we can provide.

As things stand we are hoping to have our 0.5 release launched around February 1st providing that everything goes to plan. Between then and around the 16th or so of February we will be testing the plugin and making sure that the initial infrastructure is suitable for our needs while still actively developing the plugin to its 1.0 release.

Once we are happy that all the 1.0 features are implemented and the network infrastructure is satisfactory, we will launch the Freedom Network. Initially we will be looking to launch 4 servers. The Hub server and 3 Freedom servers. The hub server will be the only server where you will not have OP access and will just be for jumping to your desired server.

We will hope to update you around the beta testing time, but for now you can follow our github reop for what we have called IcarusMod here: https://github.com/Superior-Development/IcarusMod

We welcome any suggestions (as issues on github please) and any code contributions through the Github pull request system.
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Posted on 18 Jan 2015 by Ryan W

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