With it being the season of goodwill we wanted to make it that bit easier on your wallets for this Christmas, and possibly the next year / lifetime!

All clients should have received an email by now outlining 4 main offers, if you did not get this email please contact support ASAP so we can send the email to you again. We decided to create 2 offers specifically for current clients with active services, and another two offers that are designed for anyone, from the longest clients to those of you who have only just found us.

The offers that are designed specifically for clients will not be posted here due to the way that they have been configured to only allow those active clients access to the promotion. Again if you do not already have the email including all this information please contact us so we can have it sent to you.

Offer 1:

The first offer that we have for everyone is a Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) on selected domain names ( .co.uk, .us, .uk, .me.uk. ). This offer applies for any two domains that use one of the listed TLD's and can only be used on a one year registration. You may choose to sign up for multiple years however we will only reduce your invoice / credit your account for one year on the cheapest domain name.

To claim this offer you can choose to wait until you have purchased (Will be better for those wanting your domain name quickly) and contact our accounting team afterwards. Please note that if your domains are not both using one of the TLD's listed previously our accounting team will not authorize the credit to be added to your account. As this method requires you to have already paid you will be refunded the total cost of the cheapest domain as account credit and will not be able to withdraw to paypal.

The alternative way you can choose to claim this offer (Better for those who are on a very tight budget) is to create the order and wait. Once you create the order do not actually pay, if you do you will need to follow the previous method. Once the invoice has been created you will need to contact our accounting team who will review the order and decide to approve or reject the order. You will be informed via ticket response as to the outcome and the cost of the cheaper domain will be deducted directly from the invoice.

It is important to note that management reserves the right to withdraw this offer or decline to accept it to clients on a case by case basis. This offer will only be available for a limited amount of time and while designated stocks last.

Offer 2:

Offer two is another great way to bulk up the ram on your server at no extra cost to yourself. This offer means that for every £10.00 GBP you spend with us on a Virtual Private server, we will give you 1GB of Ram. You may choose to pay through any billing cycle of your choice, however we will always work it back into months and work from there. This is a lifetime upgrade and will not be reverted, nor will the pricing be increased to match it in the future.

To claim this offer you just need to buy a new VPS any date after the 10th December 2014 and open a ticket with the accounting team. As soon as they authorize the upgrade your server will be upgraded instantly free of charge. You will simply need to log into the SolusVM web panel and hit the reboot to gain access to the new resources.

It is important to remember that the management team reserves the right to withdraw, modify or refuse to allow this offer to clients on a case by case basis. This offer is a limited time offer and only available while the designated amount of stock is available.
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Posted on 13 Dec 2014 by Ryan W
I am very pleased to inform you all that we have now been given press access to Insomnia 54. This is personally great for me as I have never before had the pleasure of attending any Multiplay events.

I must say that I was a little (Okay, more than a little...) Excited when I did get the email from the Multiplay press team granting myself access into the venue for the two days. We will be there on the Saturday and Sunday and will be there all day so feel free to search us down and say boo.

Myself and Alex so far will be attending, Alex who has been going for longer than I care to mention, and we will be tweeting as we go around (Providing the 3G doesn't crash) and writing some posts throughout the day from the press room. We should have some wired Internet in the press area so we will be posting pictures and such both on here, the twitter feed and on our own respective personal websites.

If you do manage to hunt us down we will be giving away some rather good promo codes for you to use when you get back, plus you can always get in a picture with us and it will go in the collection of pictures.

As soon as I get more information from the press team, hotel booked and the transportation finalized I will be posting more information, however for now I just wanted to post to say that we do have press passes and I look forward to attending!
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Posted on 11 Dec 2014 by Ryan W
Today Superior-Networks is proud to announce its sponsorship of what we believe to be the best and most secure screen shotting software currently available for free usage.

Until today Screenshottr has been running on a relativity small yet effective server and has been required in the past to delete images that have not been viewed in some time, we hope that with this sponsorship they will be able to grow far larger than they are today and eventually come out as one of the best and most used screen capture softwares currently available.

We are all very excited to be working with the Screenshottr team and hope that this sponsorship will allow them to continue growing and expanding into new areas that allow for totally anonymousness and secure communication in a wide range of forms.

We hope to be blogging updates on their progress over time, some from myself and some from Dan who has been working with Superior Networks before and was one of the co-creators of the Screenshottr system. Its other Developer Charles who has been a long time member of our team is also remaining on the Screenshottr team.

We hope that you check them out and decide that they are clearly the most amazing screen capture software currently available. Take a look for yourself at www.screenshottr.us
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Posted on 10 Dec 2014 by Ryan W
Hello Everyone,

With this year coming to a close we have made some huge leaps in the ability to offer new services. At the start of this year we were only able to provide web hosting and limited development services and if I am honest, it was not that great of a product range or service. Throughout the year we have grown a lot larger than we ever expected was possible in just one year. We now offer a far wider range of services including Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Virtual Private Networks and a lot more.
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Posted on 10 Dec 2014 by Ryan W
Hey there, So as you know, I recently visited Insomnia on behalf of Superior-Networks on Saturday (22/11/2014) to Sunday (23/11/2014). Upon visiting, I met up with a group of people I attended the event with along with their friends.
Insomnia53 Coverage
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Posted on 08 Dec 2014 by Alex H
Today marks the first day in our effort to better the current gaming community. Here at Superior Networks we have been planning to launch the next generation of Minecraft Servers, one where donations wont get you anywhere, and where up time is of the absolute most important.

Here at Superior Networks all our staff are bought together by the enjoyment they get from playing Minecraft, many of us have already owned servers, and for me personally it has been some time since managing a server. I am hoping to launch a new generation of all op freedom servers, using a custom plugin developed for the server, with a new style of administration and a team of expert administrators.

Currently I do not wish to disclose much more information due to the nature of this project, however I will be keeping you updated here, and as soon as I get my own website up and running, there will be even more updates there!

Thank you all for reading, and watch this space!
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Posted on 07 Dec 2014 by Ryan W
Over the last month or so here at Superior Networks we have been running a BETA Test of our Minecraft hosting options. The aim at the end of this test was for us to decide if we could continue to run it in the long term, and still run our other services to the high standard that we expect to be running at.

Today marked the end of this test, and the decision was made that we could not continue to stretch ourselves this far. With this in mind we have decided not to take our Minecraft hosting out of Beta testing, and will be ending all support for it in the next 48 hours.

We appreciate that this is not ideal, and all clients that will be affected have already been emailed to give them advanced warning of this message.

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Posted on 07 Dec 2014 by Ryan W
It is December, and that for all must mean that Christmas has well and truly started. Personally I have been listening to the festive music since the end of November, so while most of you will be shouting ba humbug at me, its time to get festive.

In the coming days we will be working to make the website all festive and some rather good offers up and running that will make you love the idea of buying some services from us over this festive times.

We are also hoping to set up some form of gift card system allowing you to buy a gift card for a friend or family member. We hope to keep you informed on this in the near future.

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Posted on 05 Dec 2014 by Ryan W

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